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CAES to support US Army PGK programme with M-Code antennas

Northrop Grumman has selected CAES to provide M-Code global positioning system (GPS) antennas for the US Army’s Precision Guidance Kits (PGK).

The estimated value of the contract is approximately $24m.

As part of this award, CAES will deliver a total of 80,000 M-Code antennas to Northrop Grumman over a period of three years to support the production of PGK for the US Army.

Northrop Grumman armament systems vice-president Dave Fine said: “PGK’s precision provides a critical capability to artillery units, enabling forces to rapidly achieve mission success while also reducing the number of rounds required to defeat targets.”

CAES’ M-Code system is used to provide enhanced security and anti-jamming capabilities for critical military navigation. It converts the traditional artillery projectiles into an advanced GPS-guided precision weapon system.

The GPS capability will further allow the forces to engage various critical targets while at the same time reducing the risk of causing collateral damage.

According to CAES, the integration of its GPS technology with PGK will further make it one of the largest programmes of the US Department of Defense.

CAES CEO and president Mike Kahn said: “Our advanced capabilities in antenna design and manufacturing are a natural fit in supporting these advanced munitions.

“We are proud to support Northrop Grumman on the PGK programme to bring accurate, reliable, and affordable precision fires to the army.”

CAE has been providing its guidance antennas for the US military systems for nearly a decade. It also manufactures a wide range of extensive antennas and antenna subsystems.

In June 2020, Northrop Grumman announced it would continue PGK production for the 155mm artillery projectiles used by the US Army and US Marine Corps.

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